About JianPu

This site was actually intended for one of my sites on a .sg domain. I was planning to set up a site for guitar playing in melody and chords with reference to the Jianpu song sheets.

While searching for a suitable software, I discovered and was surprised that the non-Chinese speaking communities have the interest too.

I had always thought that only the Chinese in some Asian countries would refer to the JianPu; countries like China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

And like me, they too were looking for a decent Jianpu software, I manage to find a few and they were from the Chinese sites.

And it would be impossible to use them if you do not understand the language. Let me provide some guide and help and hopefully you could get something out of it. So, let me start with the JianPu software and see how I need to develop the site further.

I'll add a blog later for your input so I could get a feel of what the read needs are. Thank you for visiting....