About GuitarMusic.Club

This site is created mainly for my fellow club members, and a few sections particularly for my group members.

It's not a closed membership site yet so the contents are currently available to the public.

About The domain

  1. This is the process of merging 4 sites into one., and the consolidating exercise seems to take forever.
  2. The 4 sites are:
  3. This site will be mainly for the collection of club's events and compilations of music pieces for the club's ensemble and other personal arrangements.
  4. But the main focus for the time being is on 3P

  5. Lastly, this site will be converted into an app after it's almost done. Otherwise I would have all these hosted at instead.

About This Site

Completion - Target date - by end Sep 2017.

Cannot complete on time - new target date -Still cannot complete - cannot set a date now; wait till I'm retired.

  1. This site is supposed to be responsive - meaning whatever device you'll using(from mobile to a desktop), it should fit it nicely into your screen - including the videos. So if it happened it didn't fit in yours, kindly let me know the brand, model and resolution. If possible send me a screenshot, I'll have it fix. Thanks.
  2. Ignore those numbers at home page, club21, group41, etc. They are columns numbering and grid references needed while I am adjusting them for various screens; to be removed.
  3. Some links may not work - either a link to a site or an extention to a sound clip. Let me know so that I can fix soonest. Thanks.

The Search Engine Optimisation

This is more of an experiment than a goal. I'd like to try out something that hopefully could make this site ranks higher than the official site at the search results by the major Search Engines.

If I could beat for search keywords like "Toa Payoh Guitar Club", "Singapore Guitar Club", "Play Guitar Singapore", then I'd know somethng that I suspect about the search algorithm may be one of the surest way to beat an authority site.

I'm sure it will happen. It's only a matter of time...