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Version 5.9 - 02 Aug19

v5.9 mp3

PDF 22pgs

MuseScore 25pgs

v5.9G mp3 forNiiboriBass



Version 5.8 - 11 Jun19

v5.8 mp3

PDF 11pgs


Individual Parts v5.8

G1 - Joan, Yoke, Pauline, Lily
No Change
G2 - Lucille, Edmund / G3 - Trancyn, Jackie
R1/R2 - Mary, Bessie / Single Willie (Verse1)
Verse 1,3,5 R1 / Verse 2,4,6 R2
R2/R1 - Emmeline, Radolph,
Verse 1,3,5 R2 / Verse 2,4,6 R1
R3- - Willie
G4 R4 - ngsk
Intro = 2 bars. 1st bar of 3 is just the tempo timer.
Not all chords are playable with guitars.
Those with blanks in score - you shall assist in G1, single and double.
Individual PDF with more than 2 pages will be reduced to 2. Give me some time, I'm still trying to figure out how to decrease the stretch.
But eventually, you will not need to refer to the score. If after playing over a thousand times, and you still cannot remember, then all you need is to play another 1k times...

  1. Version 1
  2. Version 2
  3. Version 3
  4. Version 4.4
  5. Version 5.3 Do Not Print; 20 Pages !

Ver4/Ver5: Verse 7 is optional. This is a solo part for 4-8 players, each playing 1-2 bars.

Do not print out anything except V1.2. Most repeated parts are filled in just to fill in the blank. - 240319