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Hello, welcome to Play Guitar Singapore.

This is the unofficial blog of TPGC. It has to be unofficial. This is hosted on my personal domain.

The original blog at was deleted due to a site revamp. The new web team who took over me is in the process of converting the site with static pages into a WordPress run site and hence the blog was no longer necessary.

As a blog is no longer needed, I guess I’ll continue blogging here till the new site is up. Thereafter, it will be my personal blog with no relations to the club.

But some form of relationship remains, I remain to be a member of the club and perhaps update some matters that are not covered by the official website. Also it serves as my continued project for the club.

This has been part of my plan when I was asked to redesign the website in year 2011 – to setup a hobby site so I could do something within my passion area -guitar playing, besides web building and also treating this as a business.

Unfortunately, something happened the year after and I was unable to continue to serve as the club’s webmaster. It’s something personal. I spent almost the whole year “serving” as a full-time caregiver. Things are slowly getting back to normal now, but the official site is better served by a new committed team which has planned several additions to the site. You’re going to love it.

This blog comes a little earlier than expected. Had the official blog continue to exist, I would have built a personal site in mid 2013 on its own domain. So I’m 6 months ahead and most of the things here still rather unorganized.

Again, thanks for visiting, and again, what posted here and the tweets are pretty personal. You are advised to refer to should you have any doubts.

Besides helping out with the recruitment of new members for the club, I’ll touch on guitar playing on this blog which was what I had wanted to do for years. Do come back again. oh please….


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