Play Guitar Singapore is ready

Now that the handover of is completed, I’ll continue blogging here.

This blog was originally created with the intention of group blogging for members in mind. The management committee approved my proposal but unfortunately, no members were interested, or I didn’t market enough the idea to the club.

I guess people are more interested updating their Facebook nowadays. I’ll make the connection with them to their Facebook account instead.

Guitar Playing Tips by Ernest Kwok

There were some articles by Ernest Kwok on guitar playing but they had been deleted. I backup the static pages but not the blog as it was saved separately (in the database as in the case of a WP blog).

I’ll try to recover them at a later date and have them posted here.

When I was asked to build a website for the club, I asked the chairman, “What’s the objective of the website for the club?” I don’t remember the answer, but my task was to repair the website.

I need an objective, a direction to build a website. I chose recruiting new members then. This is no longer the objective of this blog, but I’ll do something similar here. Look up for details in my later postings.

Besides recruiting new blood for the club, there’s another thing I like to do with this blog – To get ahead of the club’s website in search engine rankings.

I’ve built a website that stayed ahead in most search terms for guitar club and guitar playing in Singapore. Now I’ll build a site on a subdomain to overtake it.

I love the challenge, and it will serve as a showcase for my SEO and web marketing business.

More importantly, I am now able to do what I had wanted to do – building a site on my own domain…

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