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Concert by Toa Payoh Guitar Club May 2014

You are invited to our concert on 31st May 2014, Saturday, 7pm – 9.45pm. This is a free event is opened to the public. It is mainly a recruitment drive but there’s no obligation to join the club.

However, should you have the intention, this event provides you an overview of what the club offers in terms of guitar playing and other club activities, and an oppurtunity for you to mingle with our club members to find out more about the club. If not, just come and enjoy the music.

If you’d like to come just register here. Let us know the number of tickets required. Time is not confirmed. I shall keep you posted in due course.

In the past, Toa Payoh Central CC required attendees to provide their personal data before releasing the tickets for statistic purposes. The Guitar Club do not keep these records.

When the PA’s page is ready, we will direct you to that particular page to input your data. However, if this requirement is not needed this year, we’ll send you the confirmation of seats.

I am not in the organising committee, just an ordinary member of Toa Payoh Guitar Club. I’ll forward your registration to the Committee. I do not guarantee availabily of seats. But as this announcement is ahead of the official site – www.tpgc.org, your chances of securing a seat is almost 100% as official announcement has yet to be made.


Capacity of Toa Payoh mini theatrette at #03-03 is 106. Once the organising team launch its campaign with PA, it will be filled up within days. So if you are interested, hurry…

Request tickets here