PlayGuitar covers mainly these 5 areas:

1 Guitaring – guitar playing tips
Some guitar playing tips – covers mainly Chinese songs with song sheets in Numbered Musical Notation, otherwise known as JianPu with emphasis on melody playing and chords accompliment.
2 Guitarists –
featuring some guitar players from solos to emsembles
3 Guitar Stories
This was one segment that I wanted to introduce to the club (tpgc.org) as the club’s group blog when I was assigned to revamp the club’s website. It allows each member to contribute their guitar playing stories. I was too caught with other matters that it didn’t take off.
4 Guitar Club
recruitment for tpgc – toa payoh guitar club. Join me and we’ll form a few groups with different repetuirs but could join together to form a 2nd emsemble.
5 JianPu
Numbered_musical_notation or chinese music notation
I use this term cos some may search under this keyword phrase, but it is not really Chinese Music Notation. It is widely used in most Asian countries.

Not intended to be a complete guide but covers some basics as I’ll be using the Chinese music notation instead of the standard music staff or tabs.
The objective is not to promote the use but just provide a point of reference. Advantages? Plenty – see here.

This is a different Guitar Playing Site

And this is precisely the difference with this site compared to other guitar playing sites. I haven’t been able to find a guitar playing site in English that refers to the JianPu.

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